Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Double Talk

It’s never science with the Liberals, it’s only Kool-Aid!

Lloyd Fournier : Lloyd is the founder of Thunderbird Rising (Thunderbird and the recent recipient of a Humanitarian Award, an author (novels) and a freelance writer. His drill down style of writing is a throw back to classic journalism - completely objective and well researched. His work presents the reader opportunity to rethink issues.

chicken little.jpgObserving the Trudeau regime for its first year in office is telling many of us that J. Trudeau is as devious and slippery as a snake oil salesman at an 19th century county fair.

Trudeau is not what you would call a deep thinker but prides himself of being some sort of magical orator.  He is delusional enough to believe that his conniving smirk and faux-genuine talking can talk his way out of any problem.  Ordinary Canadians are seeing through Trudeau’s misleading policies and penchant to pluck personal gains from public coffers.   He is already likely to come face-to-face with regulators dealing with his ethics but the bigger problem (for him) is that public trust is unraveling.

Carbon Tax Grab

In the political world of former USA Vice President Al Gore and his coalition of global warming theorists, Trudeau is fully engaged and has drunk the Kool-Aid.  His back-room…

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