Castro ~sic semper tyrannis. #trudeaueulogy

A new definition of shaming set by Junior. Well done!

Lloyd Fournier : Lloyd is the founder of Thunderbird Rising (Thunderbird and the recent recipient of a Humanitarian Award, an author (novels) and a freelance writer. His drill down style of writing is a throw back to classic journalism - completely objective and well researched. His work presents the reader opportunity to rethink issues.


[No sympathy from most Canadians or those respecting human rights. ]

A dictator died.  His legacy is not a thing of pride for any person who respects human rights. Castro ruled the island country with an iron fist since the 1960’s and pushed the entire world to the brink of nuclear war.

He cast thousands into political prisons.  He simply erased many more.  There are no kind, politically correct thoughts for a man who made life so unbearable for tens of thousands of his own people that they would do anything to escape his regime – including making desperate attempts on rafts and leaking boats trying to find peace and freedom.

Tens of thousands of sought freedom from his brutal regime by clinging to life rafts and leaking boats destined for the USA.  Among them was Castro’s own daughter who sought asylum in the USA!

In Miami Florida, especially in…

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