Where Did All the Water Went

“It’s obvious Mother Nature isn’t a government bureaucrat. If she were, we would all be dead by now. Pretty neat, huh?” To quote the author!

Canadian Common Sense


Every single year, millions of tons of dust blow across the Atlantic Ocean from the Sahara Desert’s huge expanse of hard-baked scrub and sand. The dust is rich in nutrients, including that all-important phosphorus. It is full of other vital fertilizers as well, and deposits those onto the depleted soils of the Amazon’s dense mass of humid jungle. NASA has been good enough to take a little time away from its worship at the alter of climate change, to actually use some of those publicly-funded satellites to track that atmospheric dust transfer of soil across thousands of miles of land and ocean. Thanks for indulging some real science for a while, NASA. While this intercontinental link has been known for some time, researchers have now been able estimate just how much valuable phosphorous makes that mind-blowing journey. We think that some 22,000 tons of Sahara phosphorous ends up in…

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