Entitled to My Entitlements? Hell ya!

How can We The People put the media on trial. Their bias has and continues to cost the Public Purse and to thwart the Public Opinion!

Canadian Common Sense

ShinyPony copyThe Liberals strike again.

While trying to move away from the perceived notions of “entitled to my entitlements”, the Liberal Party of Canada has demonstrated once again that they are indeed entitled to their entitlements — taxpayers be damned.

As reported by CTV News / 580 CFRA’s Rob Snow on his show, “News and Views”, “Environment Minister Catherine McKenna gave over $20,000 to one of her Liberal staffers for a move — despite no costs associated with the actual move. Moving expenses for a move that didn’t exist? An imaginary move? Come again? Why? Why would the taxpayers be on the hook for $20,000 in moving expenses if those expenses were never incurred?”

Top aids of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts and Katie Telford have now billed the taxpayer for over $200,000 in moving expenses.

As reported in the Globe and Mail, “[…] So, on that note, how…

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