Let’s Talk About Sex

Take a closer look and learn how the curriculum stands in contradiction of the Criminal Code of Canada!

Canadian Common Sense

sexed1Let’s talk about sex.

After all, your children are talking about it. And not just as children do in the school yard; they talk about it in the classroom.

As they have been for decades.

*WARNING: Some topics discussed in this article are of a sexual nature and include concepts such as “vaginal lubrication” and “anal sex”. However, the concepts raised in this article are the very same concepts students are conversing about in public schools across the province.

Biology classes typically held the field of discourse in the various biological components associated with anatomy and species procreation. The education surrounding the “birds and the bees” was based in the scientific concepts essential to Human reproduction. Students would learn in an objective, scientific manner the purpose of the male reproductive organ and female reproductive organs across the mammalian class of vertebrates. The discussions in development of the Human anatomy (i.e…

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