Wanna know what the “Global Adjustment” is on your Hydro Bills?……it supports “Corporate Welfare”.

It’s plain thievery – to simply state it, and you guessed it: it was introduced by the caring and people friendly Liberal party. Ugh!

The Big Green Lie

Open your Hydro Bill and stare at the unbelievable “gobbly gook” McGuinty has managed to introduce to your bill so that you have no idea what your paying or where the money is going!  Use an average of $50 to $60 per month of electricity but then pay another 150+ for WHAT?……………how many arguments and harsh words have you and your spouse had over the Bill?………how many times have you called Hydro to have your bill explained to you and then gotten off the phone with a massive headache and a puzzled feeling you have just been “raped by the Wizard of Oz?”

This scenario is unfolding every single month across this “HAVE NOT PROVINCE” due to some very “creative book keeping” by the various Energy Organizations that all work in tandem “screwing you out of your hard earned dollars”!

Did you know what the Global Adjustment figure was on your bill?……………sounds…

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