David B. Strutt: The Great Canadian Vanishing

Immigration is not the ultimate solution: it was never meant as a “native” replacement strategy but only a mitigative strategy!

Canadian Common Sense

CCS Note: This article was written by David B. Strutt and posted here with permission.

Canadian Fertility 1871-1996Canadians stopped reproducing themselves around about the end of the 1960’s. OK, let’s look at that again. Since 1970, the birth rate of old stock Canadians has stalled at about 1.7 children from 2 parents. Replacement rate is about 2.2 children per couple (some will argue 2.1). In other words, in 1970, we sat at 77% of replacement rate. But let’s use the 2 to 1.7 ratio and call it 85%.

The population of Canada in 1970 was 21 million. That old stock population has been on the DECLINE for 46 years. If left unaffected by immigration, that 1970 population would now be—are you ready for it?—11,898 people. The decline was exponential. From the 21 million in 1970, we would have dropped below one million by 1989 (957,588), and just 2 individuals by the year 2071.

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