Free Trade Free World

“Let the free market be free”! This resonates well with every sensible business person. While each sovereign country wishes to achieve the best of its interest in any given deal, there remains the co-exist factor which dictates compromise. Hence, the best within the available is the greatest achievement in any free trade agreement.

Canadian Common Sense

Capture18 copyIt would seem to those applying common sense that if one fully wished to capitalize upon the markets, free trade would be the epitome of an awesome idea.

Isolationist and xenophobic approaches to social policy is contradictory to good business sense and extreme protectionism is detrimental to the progression in evolution of our species and development of all nation states.

Pardon the digression, but on this tangent, this is why I’ve had such a difficult time understanding the choice to embrace Donald Trump for American President.  I’ve never endorsed Trump and I still won’t, but I do hope he wins over that criminal Hillary Clinton. And if becoming President, I hope Trump changes gears from the grandstanding misogynistic narcissistic xenophobic protectionist showboating of the campaign trail to leader of the free world — more importantly, I hope he remembers that isolating the USA from the rest of North America is counter intuitive.  I find Trump’s current…

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