Liberal Party Hypocrisy

…and add bigotry!

Canadian Common Sense

ljthyp1Liberals really are a bunch of hypocrites.

Last Thursday, Justin Trudeau and his band of happy-go-lucky nitwits visited the Shoal Lake Reserve. Which in-and-of itself is perfectly fine and expected of a Prime Minister.

However, this event was closed to all media outlets except Vice Canada. No pool camera, no other media, not even the CBC was allowed to follow the P.M. on his trip. Even the APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) was actually kicked out by security. Yes, you read that correctly; an Aboriginal TV network on a Reserve was denied access.

Now, pretend for a minute if you will that it wasn’t Trudeau who made the trip, but rather former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Oh the outrage! Harper is muzzling reporters! There is no accountability without independent journalists!! Harper doesn’t care about Aboriginals, all he cares about is a photo-op.

Yet it wasn’t Harper; it was media darling…

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