Ocean in a Cup

Some scientific data for those interested alarmists!

Canadian Common Sense

icepicOne of the consistent claims made by environmental activists is that Arctic polar ice is melting and thus the sea levels are rising.

The Arctic ice pack is the ice cover of the Arctic Ocean and its vicinity — thus the ice sits on the top of the Arctic Ocean.  An overly simple analogy would be that polar ice is to the Arctic Ocean as an ice cube is to a beverage — it floats on top.

Throughout many years and numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies it has been discovered that this polar ice may indeed be melting.  Different studies using different models can’t accurately predict at what rate this ice is melting, but most concur that there is a melting process occurring; but this is where the science ends.

Most in the scientific community agree to a certain extent that there is a naturally occurring, cyclical element to the melting process.  The heated debate…

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