Are we worthy of our Freedom?

This generation has already proven that it wasn’t worth to fight for its freedom – let alone to die for it. It’s disconnect and unfortunately shame sometimes of its forefathers’ history is mind boggling and more so perplexing as it doesn’t see eye to eye with its predecessor generations. Different ideals and lax ideologies are destroying all that has been gained through those bloody wars. The worse however is yet to come and no excuse for those who failed to heed the signs and the warnings!

Canadian Common Sense

There is a video that has been making the rounds of facebook, that asks a very important question. Does this generation [ ours ] deserve the freedom we enjoy that was won for us at so high a price by those who fought and won world war two? On the surface, a strong and compelling argument can be made that we don’t. The video does a good job of making it. I want to persue this line of thinking just a little further.
For starters, there is no doubt that the second world war was truly a global conflict unlike any we have ever experienced before or since. It was fought by people who had lived through the first world war and all it’s horrors, the roaring twenties, the dirty thirties, it’s global depression and coinciding drought on the plains of the mid west in North America. Life in those…

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