Why I Despise Justin Trudeau

Common sense has long left the Canadian political arena! I feel for and totally understand your take on “butterfly boy” as you chose to call him. I on the other hand still see the political caterpillar in him; he has yet to morph, cocoon, and by means of “natural” metamorphosis become a moth which may turn into a butterfly.
It’s a totally sad state of affairs. For those who are still cheering, hang on to your seats, seismic reactions are bound to happen!

Canadian Common Sense

12472387_10205560901958077_5628631722363888779_n copyIt has been suggested that I should articulate the reasons for my sincere and utter disdain for Canada’s 23rd  Prime Minister.

So here it is…

In 2013, the nation watched as the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) selected it’s new party leader.

Canada saw the fierce competition between the various candidates, from Marc Garneau to Martha Hall Findlay to Joyce Murray, among others including, Justin Trudeau.

I recall observing with rapt attention; Garneau would have been my vote if I was a member of the LPC.  Garneau, the former astronaut and former head of the Canadian Space Agency, was a candidate with exceptional credentials, integrity and demonstrated a solid understanding of the endeavour he had embarked upon and the consequences of a victory.  I was so disappointed when the space man threw his support behind the space cadet.  But I digress — pardon me.  I did not know at the time, that Pierre…

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