Alberta Separation: What Comes Next?

Though I’m not an Albertan, I see it only fair for Alberta to put its interest above the eastern provinces. After all, they’ve been at its trough for a very long and costly time.

New Alberta Separatist

It is anyone’s guess what would happen when Alberta Separates.  Certainly, after separation, Alberta will face serious challenges but we also will be in a unique situation with leverage to institute positive change, not just for ourselves, but for all Canadians.

In his book, Accidental Superpower (a book I highly recommend), Peter Zeihan proposes that joining the US would solve all of Alberta’s economic problems.

That being said, there actually are numerous possibilities in separation that could create positive outcomes beyond Alberta’s borders.

It could be the case that Alberta Separation could lead the Canadian Government to institute reform unthinkable in the current arrangement.

Constitutional constraints on the government, more clearly defined rights for citizens and more clear enumeration and delegation of responsibilities to provinces.

It might seem improbable, but if Alberta separation brought about that kind of change, it might be desirable for an Independent Alberta to reunite with the entirety of Canada soon after separating.

Failing that…

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