What I want.

In the name of tolerance, progressive politicians in the West have lead us to intolerance; we witnessed a daily erosion of our rights as free born people in a FREE Society. All that political correctness is doing is robbing us our freedoms of thought, speech, conscience, and persuasion. It ought to stop before we become defeatists like in Eurabia, and the retaliation would be to, like in Europe, start forming local militias. Ponder and heed!

Canadian Common Sense

While I was in church today doing my best to pay attention to the homily, I couldn’t keep my mind from bringing up an image that has haunted me for three days now. It was a short video on face book of a three year old boy crying in fear as an adult male tormented him with a pellet gun. It was a clip from some third world middle eastern pot hole, and the guy was laughing thinking the whole thing funny. the poor kid was terrorized. He was standing in a corner while the man made moves as if he was going to shoot him. I wanted so badly to fly to that little boy’s defense that I ached as I watched it. There was of course nothing I could do, but my heart broke for the little lad. As I sat there in my pew, I began to…

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