The Israeli leadership hadn’t learned from their looser decision to forsake Lebanon’s security zone in order to appease the Arba Imahot and the public opinion re the losses in IDF troops; and, to withdraw from the Ghaza strip while uprooting settlers in order to show good will to the PA. Both decisions were Grand failures and ended up costing Israel folds of the anticipated loss while in combat. Moreover, as long as the illusion of coexistence hovers around the halls of the Knesset, there will be no peace within the borders of Israel. Sorry to poop on your party leftist loosers!!!

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Today there was a mass shooting in a shopping/business area of Tel Aviv. This is terrorism. This happens daily in Israel.

I never criticize Israel and I tend to be so overly protective of her that I resent those Jews who do criticize her. Today is the day I will openly criticize her because I want to protect my people.

Remaining in a relationship or a negotiation with an enemy who explicitly wants to harm you is not valuable. It is a position that has no winners, only losers.

This reminds me of my mother. She stayed in an abusive relationship for thirty-seven and a half years. I left when I was seventeen, this is to say nothing of the half a dozen times I ran away from home between the ages of six and seventeen.

My mother did not have a day of peace, a day of reasonableness…

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