The death of conservative politics?

Dimmer future until the final demise of Canada the way the world knew and cherished 😦

Canadian Common Sense


By John Merriam 31-12-2015

(By all means, pass this on to your conservative friends on Facebook or email and ask them to do the same)

Prior to last October’s federal election, the Liberal Party said that if they won, this would be the last election in which the current electoral system would be used, which is First Past The Post. To everyone’s surprise, the Liberals won the election and now hold a majority of seats in the House of Commons. They can cause a lot of damage to the country over the next four years.

There are really two choices other than FPTP: One is Proportional Representation (PR), in which seats are divided up according to the popular vote. So, if the Green party had 7% of the popular vote, they would have 7% of the seats in the House. One main problem of many…

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