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What is most pathetic is that the same group of benefactors of Communist Liberals policies do not classify as proletariat; they’re top notch Capitalists who are feeding on the people’s money. Besides hedging their own interests, their only concern is to devise new taxes to further the impoverishment of the lower-middle class. The ending of this charade is definitely not a happy one!

Canadian Common Sense

Parliament-Hill-5572We need governments to foster individual innovation and not governments that foster a welfare state of dependants.  This should and must be of fundamental focus for a society that wishes to grow and maintain stability.

Running large deficits and increasing both personal and corporate income tax rates is the road to financial ruin of a city, province or country. Just ask Greece about that.

We need NGOs, media and special interest groups to start recognizing that the taxpayer is a finite resource. They need to start lobbying for personal accountability and self-reliance over increasing the size of bureaucracy of the “establishment”.

We need grassroots Canadians to recognize that big government is not the answer to all that ails us. Rather, we need to empower people to take personal responsibility.

“That for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift…

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