A worthwhile everybody’s time to read and to ponder. I loved most the quote that the author used, and I echo it.
“Liberalism does not preach self-reliance or self-determination. It does not advocate moral rectitude, nor does it support genuine altruism of private charity”. Said Kenneth Minogue in “The Liberal Mind” (1963).

Canadian Common Sense


By John Merriam

In conservative sites, we see liberals portrayed as being stupid. In reverse, the same applies in liberal sites.

In truth, liberals are no more stupid that conservatives, it is just that there is a profound difference in ideology. You all know the values that conservatives have, so won’t get into that here, other than to say conservative principles are the correct ones, as any apolitical person would attest to.

Liberals are naïve and have a rosy view of the world. They believe in share-the-wealth welfarism. They have an animosity towards free enterprise capitalism and that is why they are opposed to coal, oil, gas and their transportation. They fervently believe in the current warming trend of the earth as being caused by big business and mankind in general.

Liberals see a world the way they wish it to be, not the world we actually…

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