Joyeux Noël Canada

Merry and Glorious Christmas to you Kevin and all!

Canadian Common Sense

Santa RichardBack in 2013, the Canadian Government declared Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus to be Canadian Citizens.  In an effort to reaffirm Canada’s commitment and claim to the arctic region including the North Pole, the Conservative Government of the day issued honorary passports to old St. Nick and his wife.

Turns out, that may not have been entirely necessary.  It’s been discovered that Kris Kringle himself is actually a resident of Ottawa 364 days of the year.

The magic of Father Christmas isn’t unique to the Ottawa scene; from Calgary to Ottawa, Sinterklaas shares the Christmas joy to all those who believe.

Père Noël appeared in the pages of the Ottawa Citizen, “It all starts, says Santa Richard, with a boisterous “Ho-Ho-Ho!”” writes Patrick Langston.

“Those three short, cheery words are how Santa always announces himself, and – spoiler alert if you’re still a true believer! – they’re…

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