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…because the nun made a decision. She has a choice, which she made carefully through soul searching. She must take a vow of poverty, never get married or have children. The Muslim girl has no choice. She doesn’t get to make a decision. If she lives at home, her father makes her cover herself if she’s married, her husband makes her cover herself. Are we clear now kids?

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My Jerusalem is Artsy AF

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It is hard to be a Jew in Jerusalem

And many other permeate the same sentiment though not being necessarily of the Jewish faith!

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It is hard to be a Jew in Jerusalem

It’s really shitty when people assume you are not Jewish because you are not halachically observant. I love Jerusalem, but this issue is unpleasant for secular Jews who live here- particularly for women. In the US, Jews blend in, they hide in plain sight. American Jewry is fully assimilated, yet owns up to their Jewish identity when it comes up. Israel is the Jewish state. There is no assimilation, we are all Jews. Jerusalem suffers from an inner Jewish identity phenomenon. The notion that being Jewish is a religious expression determined by the costume we wear. This is shtetl mentality because it thrives on an insular, noninclusive ideology. There were no wigs or kippahs at Sinai. I fully embrace all Jews and would never ask the Haredim to change anything about their ritual practice. Yet it saddens me that I am…

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No grounds for comparison here!

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My feeds for all of today and yesterday have been full of imagery of Holocaust victims – particularly those who were turned away on the St. Louis. And considering so many of the sources making those posts, I have to think:

“Yes, those luckless Jews had to go back to Europe to be murdered. But if any of them had instead made it to British Palestine and picked up a rifle, would you still feel sorry for them? Would you even still fault America for rejecting them?”That goes for Anne Frank too. Bet your ass that if she’d been smuggled into the Haganah and lived, they’d hate her.A lot of leftist goyim only like dead Jews, who they can compare to themselves, as part of comparing the Holocaust to other problems.My sympathies go out to the desperate and pitiful refugees from the Middle East today, especially Syria. But it…

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Everything You Never Knew About Jerusalem

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Jerusalem is the eternal dichotomy. It is the embodiment of the holy and profane; the religious and secular. The two coexist side by side, just as in Judaism itself for over two thousand years. Yet Jerusalem is not known for it’s secular culture in the diaspora.

It is a slow and steady current that runs through the city streets.

To experience it is to believe in it.

Within Israel itself, many Israelis see Jerusalem as a place for the religious and Tel Aviv as a place for the secular. The rest of the world has also promulgated this notion. I find myself face to face with the reality of what Jerusalem is in actuality. We do not have to look far to see that this is not unique or new in any way. Our roots as living with a secular component are consistent in our history.


Hilonim, the Hebrew word…

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